Smile Serve is a total appliance service business focused on customer support and after sales
services which is appliance delivery, aircon and TV installation and maintenance.

The business was founded in 1979 and has the widest network support providing
Abenson’s customer requirements. It has delivery trucks, more than 200 aircon installation
and maintenance teams and more than 50 TV installers.

Smile Serve’s number one partner in providing customer
support in aircon installation, preventive
maintenance and TV installation is the Affiliated
Electronics Service Corporation (ASERCO) which
is the authorized service center of leading aircon
and TV brands.

The team is highly trained, qualified and manufacturer
certified service engineers and technicians who
perform out the installation and preventive
maintenance according to the manufacturer
specifications and standards.

Smile Serve highly values their customers and goes the extra mile to make
sure that their customers receive excellent customer service.