• Clean and check air filter, front panel and cover.
• Check deodorizing and purifying filter.
• Clean and check indoor evaporator coil.
• Clean and check indoor drainage tray (wall mount fancoil).
• Vacuuming of drainage fan (ceiling mount fancoil).
• Vacuuming of drainage system.
• Brush and check outdoor condenser coil.
• Check fan bearing and lubricale (if necessary).
• Check compressor suction and discharge pressure.
• Tightening of electrical contacts.

To ensure aircon efficiency, check the filters ever week. Clean the filter only with plain
water or replace it as needed.

Have regular system maintenance service.

Have your air conditioner cleaned a month before the warm season begins.

Keep the condensing unit free from debris or obstructions.

Trim shrubs and plants near condensing unit to ensure proper air circulation.

If you are having trouble with your aircon unit, call qualified and professional