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Free Survey for all types of air conditioners
Survey & Installation one day schedule.
Next day/soonest installation schedule

You can Smile during our installation
Service by qualified technicians
Real time transactions for customers
Use of high quality and branded materials
Free circuit breaker
Observance of safety policy
Free brackets/platforms/hanger for outdoor units (6FT and lower)
Maintainance of the cleanliness of the area before and after the service

You can Smile after your purchase
One Year Warranty for installation workmanship
After sales service
Preventive maintenance system available after the warranty
Extended Warranty available upon purchase of the unit.
Friendly service agents to assist you.

Installation of copper tubes, mounting of indoor and outdoor units, and connecting of control wires and drain pipes.
Drilling of hole up to 8” thick with 3” refrigerant pipe pass-through diameter.
Installation of steel platform up to 6ft in height for hanging outdoor unit.
Installation of weather proof service breaker near to outdoor unit.
Testing and unit demonstration.
10ft ceiling standard height.