General FAQs
How soon can you provide your service?

We provide our services at the soonest agreed possible time. Please click here to arrange your preferred booking schedule.

For installations, is there a survey charge?

We aim to give the best installation service to our customer’s that’s why we conduct surveys before installations. Initial surveys are completely for FREE.

Do you provide service during Sundays and holidays?

We provide our online booking services seven (7) days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM. While Actual Installation / Repair during Sundays and Holidays are subject for approval


Our online booking service is available 24/7 though processing will only be available from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. While actual Installation / Repair during Sundays and Holidays are subject for approval. Book Now to confirm your preferred schedule.

What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept cash payments. Credit Card payments are accepted at Abenson branch.

Will the installation service affect the manufacturer’s warranty?

We are an accredited service provider of multiple appliance and electronic brands. The manufacturer’s warranty will not be voided.

Do you provide installation and/or repair warranty?

All of our installation services comes with a one (1)-year warranty and our repair services comes with a three (3)-month warranty for both parts and workmanship.

Do you provide installation services for appliances bought from all appliance stores?

Smile Serve is an exclusive service provider of Abenson but we happily install appliances bought from other dealers, though our standard pricing only applies to Abenson. Please contact us to learn more.

Do you accommodate special or multiple installations?

We have expertise in multiple installation services. Our roster of clients that availed such services includes schools, hospitals, hotels, and offices. Contact us and talk to a dedicated specialist for more details.

Air Conditioner
What are your serviceable areas?

We provide quality service to locations near Abenson’s 100+ branches nationwide. For the complete list of branches, visit

How does your air conditioning installation and cleaning services differ from other providers?

We follow strict material and workmanship standards on all our services so you can be sure that Smile Serve only provides the best air conditioning and installation services.

What type or air conditioning systems do you install and clean?

We have the expertise in installing and cleaning different kinds of air conditioning systems from window, split, multisplit, packaged, floor-mounted, ceiling, and cassette types.

Where should I place my air conditioner?

Our service technicians can help you determine the best location for your air conditioning unit through a FREE site survey.

How often should I get my air conditioning system cleaned?

Recommended cleaning for:

  • Residential is every 6 months
  • Commercial is every 3 months
  • Salon/computer shop is monthly

I want a higher or lower horsepower (HP) compared to the one recommended by the survey crew.

While we strive to give the best experience to our customers, we understand your request for a higher or lower horsepower (HP) compared to our recommended one. But it is highly advisable to follow our recommended horsepower (HP) for the best cooling experience.

Can I install my air conditioning unit on my preferred location?

While we strive to give the best customer experience, we understand that each customer prefers to place their air conditioner on a specific space than the recommended one.

It is highly advisable to follow the recommended air conditioning location for the best cooling experience.

Television (AV)
Why should I choose a wall-mounted installation compared to table top?

Aside from adding aesthetics to your home design, wall mounted installation can help you save more space and secure your TV from bumps and falls compared to table top installation.

What type of bracket should I choose?

Our service technicians and in-store specialists can help explain the types of bracket and the one recommended for you through site survey.

Do I have the right kind of wall for TV wall mounting?

Concrete walls are the best for TV wall mounting. For gypsum or dry walls, some wall modifications are required. We can help you determine your wall type through site survey.

Do you also install sound bars and home theaters?

We also install and optimize audio peripherals like sound bars and home theater systems

Home Appliances
What type of home appliances do you install?

We provide installation solutions for cooking ranges, range hoods, washers, and dryers. Leave the heavy lifting of your appliances to us!

Do you connect range hoods to air ducts?

We can perform customized range hood installation for ducted range hoods as long as the air duct and proper electrical wiring are prepared.



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